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You Are Too Beautiful is a 1932 song performed on January 16, 1984 by Jon Jon Keefe, He sings it as an ode to Erica Lynley during her bathtub performance in the Cafe Bizarre sketch interjected with comedic sight gags. It was followed by Erica along with Louise English singing "Dumkopfen."

The song was written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart for the 1933 film, "Hallelujah, I'm a Bum," where it was sung by performer Al Jolson. It later became a pop and jazz standard in 1940s albums, such as "Julian Cannonball Adderley and Strings" (1955), "The Unique Thelonious Monk" (1956), "Music for Prancing" (1957), "Alone" (1961), "John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman" (1963) and "Crazy and Mixed Up" (1982). Its most notable recording appeared on August 3, 1945 by Dick Haymes (Decca 23750). Frank Sinatra also released a version 1945.

Jon Jon's version varies from the original in that it omits a fourth stanza of lines while rephrasing some opening lines.



You are too beautiful, my dear, to be true
And I am a too drunk with beauty
Fooled by a feeling...
Because my heart has found you
And really caress you too

You are too beautiful for one man alone
For one lucky fool to be with
When there are other men
With eyes of their own to see with

Love does not stand sharing
Not if one cares
You won't be comparing...
My every kiss with theirs...

Love does not stand sharing
Not if one really cares
Have you been comparing
My every kiss with theirs?
If, on the other hand, I'm faithful to you
It's not through a sense of duty
You are too beautiful
And I am a fool for beauty