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Woodstick was a three-day rock festival attended and joined by devoted geriatric participants in England. Set on fairgrounds surrounded by woodlands and a lake, the event is attended by elderly music lovers arriving by bicycle and by bus plowing past the younger generation living on the grounds. They immediately put up an outhouse out of four walls nailed together, and one of the carpenters (Benny Hill) saws through a table while distracted by a sexy nurse. Out on a dock, one of the old-timers (Bob Todd) struggles to set up a lawn chair.
On the way to the concert, three hippies (Maureen Flanagan, Laurie Goode and unidentified) get squeezed off a bus by the old-timers (Bob Todd, Walter Goodman, Jackie Wright, Michael Moore and three unknowns) getting on in their place. A motorist (Benny Hill) on the way to the contest in an old roadster comes close to picking up two girls (possibly Maureen Flanagan and Cheryl Gilham, but he drives away when he discovers they're a couple of old biddies. Up the road, he stops at an old country gas station run by a young girl Bettine LeBeau, but a young beauty (Sue Bond) goes by on a bicycle, he drives after her dragging the gas station pump still stuck to his car.
At the field of the concert, the old-timers are still working on setting up. One carpenter (Benny) accidentally hits two carpenters (Bob} and (Dickie Martyn) with a long beam. When two other carpenters (Benny and Jackie Wright) get distracted by a hot nurse (Penny Irving), they both get injured. One of them even gets mouth-to-mouth by her, but he very quickly recovers when the doctor (Hugh Paddick) comes running.


As spectators start arriving, the old-timers head to stop the hippies from joining them, but as soon as their wives' backs are turn, they rush to invite in the young ladies. Their boyfriends come in after them.
With the men having put the grounds up, the wives (Lillian Padmore, Connie Georges and Bella Emburg start bringing the supplies, and the husbands (Benny, Bob and Michael Moore?) come and carry over the smaller containers for them. The music soon starts and a drummer (Benny) has to take a minute to serve three ladies (Bella, Lillian and Connie) from his bass drum. Another old-timer (Hugh Paddick) plays the mandolin while drinking, and the pianist Verne Troyer has ape hands. The wife of the trombonist (Connie George) hangs her laundry on her husband's (Dickie Martin) instrument, and the cellist (Bob Todd) is constantly getting stabbed by the bow of the second cellist (possibly Paddick again). In the crowd, an old man with a fake broken arm (Benny) is pinching the younger girls (Sue Bond, [[Penny Irving] and Cheryl Gilham]) as another old man (Jackie Wright) catches the blame and gets slapped.
Problems also occur. The awkwardly constructed outhouse falls down on one of the attendees (Benny), and a police officer (Hugh Paddick) comes around sniffing for illegal substances. When he starts padding them down, one of them (Connie Georges) takes it as a sexual overture. Ginger Thompkins shows up sporting a new suit, but he becomes disillusioned when he sees it on a scarecrow. Heading closer to the stages, he touches two women (Cheryl Gilham and unknown) and a man (Jackie) with long hair. At the dock, the man is still wrestling with his chair. Continuing his way, he offers a flower to a young beauty (Bettine LeBeau) who refuses it. When he offers it an an older lady (Lillian Padmore), it turns out to be a prop and she smacks him with her purse.


In the tree line, an old man (Bob Todd) goes after a blonde beauty (Maureen) with a net and catches an old hippie (Hugh Paddick).
Romance also blooms, and one of the old-timers (Benny) tries scratching his and his wife's (Lillian) initials in a tree, but the inscription brings the tree down next to them.
The second band is a group of old ladies (Benny, Bob, Hugh, Verne and unknown), but they crash through the stage. As the last day ends, everyone gets together having foormed bonds of friendship and carrying their luggage on their backs. At the dock, the old guy (Bob) finally get his chair right only to see it fall back into the lake, only to jump in after it.