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Who's Afraid of Virgin Wool is a Cinemascope film from 20th Century Fox whose credits are so wide that the ends get chopped off when it airs on television; the full title is "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf." It stars "Rich Burt" (Richard Burton) and "Eliza Tayl" (Elizabeth Taylor). The rest of the cast includes "Eve McQueen," "Gory Peck," "Dirk Bog," "Roger Moo" and "Rank Sin." It is based on the novel, "That Long Hot Weekend in Portland."
The film centers on a married couple named Dick and Martha who have been married so long that they have learned to hate each other. All he does is sit and watch TV all day, and when Liz comes home from a doctor's appointment, he blurts out an annoyed, "Oh, sheep dip!" The two are constantly bickering and insulting each from the way the doctor flirts with her and her cooking abilities. At one point, she breaks a glass over his head. Since it's their anniversary, she tries to reminesce about their wedding night, and how Dick couldn't wait for her to get her stockings off. He responds with, "Tonight, you'll be able to knit a pair."
When their neighbors, Nick and Honey (Paul Eddington and Susie Baker), come over to help them celebrate, they become uncomfortable witnesses to the sniping and insults going on in the house. The women separate to the kitchen, and the men gather in the living room. When Honey calls Dick a "he-man," Martha comments that he once got a hernia trying to inhale on a cigarette. When she comments on not being afraid of her husband cheating on her, it sets off another round of sniping at each other. After Nick and Honey depart, the sniping continues, even involving a "Ponds" commercial on the TV. After Martha takes the cover off her parrot to talk to it, Dick takes the cover and places it over Martha's head, preferring to take the parrot upstairs instead.


  • The name "Dick" doesn't come from the sketch; it's used here solely for identification purposes. Benny Hill plays both roles of the couple.
  • The full names of the chopped off names are Steve McQueen, Gregory Peck, Dick Bogarde, Roger Moore and Frank Sinatra.
  • When the TV describes the life of a native, the husband's behavior matches the activity described on TV. This voice-over gag returns in Remote Control Man on February 10, 1982.
  • This sketch isn't listed in the menu of the A&E DVD collection.