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Wanda the Wicked West Whickam Whip Woman is a tall beautiful criminal mastermind in control of an evil army consisting of scantly clad ladies and goose-stepping soldiers. Not much is known about who she is or where she comes from, but she kidnaps Princess Jasmine from St. Nana's School to hold for ransom. Coming to Jasmine's rescue, Super-Teech runs afoul of Wanda's guards, getting imprisoned and escaping as his sidekick, Rupert, is captured. Wanda challenges Super-Teech to a whip contest to rescue him, but she loses the contest, and Super-Teech escapes with both Rupert and Wanda hidden inside carpets. Wanda soon turns back up at St. Nana's, chasing Super-Teech, Rupert and Princess Jasmine trying to re-catch them again.