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The Villain of the Year is an award presented by the British criminal underground to members of their industry (considered "Britain's only growing industry"). It is held at the Eureka Hotel, a grand English hotel located somewhere in England, possibly in Teddington or Little Dimpton. Not much is known about the location except that it might be owned by a London crime family since it hosts the awards. It is covered by Henry McGee who interviews Fred Scuttle acting as a police sergeant covering security. Scuttle reveals his distaste for the award and few cases before Henry gets pulled aside by Big Red, (Benny Hill), the wife of an incarcerated criminal, who catches him up on criminal gossip before coming on to him.
The emcee of the ceremony is a gangster with slicked hair (Big Benny, played by Benny Hill) who is introduced by another hood (Henry McGee). He starts out by remembering those recently incarcerated. namely Two-Ton Tingle, No-Nose Watson, Bippy Albright, Basher Bates, Brusher Head O'Malley and Peg Leg Johnson, six of the nicest girls in the business. He adds that they were going to have a big cake with a girl inside it, but she didn't survive coming out of the oven. He tells the story of Buster Benson whose plastic surgery is so radical it requires him to wear a scarf.
The nominees for the award are Percy Ballcock (Benny Hill), who specialized in armed robbery until taken down by a priest (Henry McGee), Chippy Fish (Benny Hill), a con-artist who sold high-priced matches well over market prices until robbed by a street walker (Rita Webb) and Ernie Visactemey (Benny Hill), a new-comer, who cons free drinks from the other patrons (Libby Roberts, Henry McGee, Jackie Wright and Eddie Buchanan) in Jenny Lee Wright's tavern by pretending it's his birthday and other con games. When Percy (Jackie Wright), now quite elderly (and having survived his gunshot wound) wins and advances to get his award, "Big Benny" reaches for it and discovers it missing. Calling honor among thieves, he orders the lights lowered to allow the thief to return it, but when the lights come up, the master thief has stolen everyone's clothes!