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Victorian Scandals is a fictional TV-series introduced by a Dimpton-On-Sea announcer (Benny Hill). The series covers the marriage woes of a couple named Charles and Susan (Henry McGee and Jenny Lee-Wright). The episode occurs on the day of their wedding anniversary joined by several friends (Eddie Buchanan, Jackie Wright, Terry Dane and others). Charles is proud of his bride and is envied by a guest (Jackie Wright), but a follow-up comment by another guest (Eddie Buchanan) is met with shock.
After the guests depart, it's revealed that Charles and Susan may not have the romance he implied, and Susan calls him a hypocrite in front of Benson (Benny Hill), their unappreciated butler who witnesses their tirade. Charles even implies that Benson is a gossip, calling him "the eyes and ears of the world," but Benson stays silently professional as he gets swatted, splashed with champagne and wine poured over his head. Used to the fights, he even races to move the dishes to keep them from getting smashed during his employer's verbal battle.
During their fighting, Susan accuses Charles of cheating on her and retaliates by saving she'd rather sleep with Benson than with her husband. At first surprised, Benson starts to like the idea and reacts nervous about going through with it, but then Susan's mother (Rita Webb) charges in willing to take her place to stop it. Hearing that, Benson nearly has a hearttack and almost breaks all the dishes from the dinner table.
By now, however, Charles has a change of heart and realizes he really does love Susan, begging her to take him back even as Benson behind him begs her not to do it. Susan decides to take him back, and to add insult to injury, Charles asks Benson if he's glad they're back together. However, two chambermaids (Anita Graham and Stephanie Marrian?) enter in their night clothes to take Benson to bed, which he merrily accepts after taking a bottle from the unlocked liquor cabinet.


  • This sketch was a spoof of the 1976 British series "Victorian Scandals" depicting scenes from Victorian era England.