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Valerie Stanton is an English actress possibly best known for the movies "Carry on Christmas: Carry on Stuffing," "The Tomcat" and "Passion Potion."
Not much is known about her career. Her first appearance was on the Sixties TV series "Suspense," followed by appearances in "The Avengers," "The Desperate People," "Corrigan Blake," "Hugh and I" and "Adam Adamant Lives!" She also appeared in the 1966 movie "Press for Time." She had two appearances on Benny Hill's 1962 situation comedy, later returning on his second episode for Thames Television in a fake blooper quickie on December 25, 1969.
Stanton went on to have recurring appearances in the TV shows "Doctor Who," "Comedy Playhouse' and "Up Pompeii" along with roles in "The Des O'Connor Show," "Mogul," "The Culture Vultures," "Brett," "Jason King," "The Goodies" and "Whoops Baghdad!" Her last known acting role was a small role in the American TV series "Highway to Heaven" with Michael Landon.