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Transistor Girl is an attractive blonde girl traversing the length of Lower Tidmarsh, Dressed in a green sweater and denim shorts, she walks the length of town with the announcer on the radio (Benny Hill) describing a recipe corresponding with her figure and her surroundings reacting in sync with the music she's hearing.
As she continues on her way, she briefly pauses at a construction site where the workers pound stakes to the beats in her music. The sounds of digging, dirt being shifted and a spoon clicking coffee cups also coincide with the beat. An Arabian melody also animates the ties of a tie salesman (Henry McGee) to sway like Hindu cobras. Other noises in tune include sawing and sweeping.
Continuing on her way, she stops outside the police station as a female officer (Teresa Lucas) takes in a prisoner (Jackie Wright). The music results in the desk sergeant (Eddie Buchanan) to play his typewriter as a musical instrument as the captain (Benny) comes out dancing with a prisoner (Claire Lutter). Upon dancing behind a wall, the two prisoners escape leaving the officers handcuffed to each other.
At the nearby Tweet's Used Cars, the music affects the mechanic (Benny) and his assistant (Libby Roberts) as they struggle to repair an old Morris Minor sedan. Stymied by the problem, he eventually deduces the vehicle is "pregnant" and plucks a small inflatable car from the trunk.
On her way, the young lady passes by Susie's Sauna as a patron (Henry McGee) enters to the sound of giggling girls from a back room. The voices actually come from two burly fellows (Eddie Buchanan and Benny Hill) who massage and slap him all over his body, but after his treatment, he discovers he's now thin, scrawny and a foot shorter, leaving with his clothes hanging off his body. He tries getting the attention of Transistor Girl, but she needs the assistance of two officers (Teresa Lucas and Libby Roberts) to fend him off. Before departing, they turn off her radio.
Down the street, the two female officers run into a street band (Benny/Jackie/Henry/Eddie) and get into the raucous music, kicking their legs up and flashing their panties as if they were can-can dancers, just before snapping out of it and arresting the musicians.


  • Transistor Girl was played by actress and dancer Jane Eve of Love Machine, the female troupe who preceded and later inspired the Hill's Angels.
  • The filming location of the sketch is unrevealed, but it is possibly the grounds of the former hospital and the surrounding neighborhood where Benny taped the series.
  • The construction crew is made up of Benny, Eddie Buchanan, Henry McGee and Libby Roberts, Teresa Lucas and Claire Lutter in false mustaches as male characters.
    • Eddie is the worker with the water hose, Benny is the worker distractedly sawing through his wooden horse and Jackie is the street sweeper.
  • Some of the street gags are recreated in Cleaning Up Dimpton.
  • The scenes with Benny as a mechanic are actually recreated from Benny's 1970 short film "Eddie In August."
  • Jackie Wright plays Henry McGee's "smaller half."
  • Through the series, Benny names the majority of his British settings of his sketches as Lower Tidmarsh or {after the Hill's Angels appearance) Little Dimpton (sometimes "Little Dimton" or just "Dimpton"). Other locations in the series feature the locations of Teddington (his home town), El Paso, Romford, Mariscos and San Embargos.