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Tracy Smith is an English actress and dancer known for appearing on "The Benny Hill Show" as one of the Hill's Angels. Not much is known about her career. She starred in the movie, "Spring Night, Summer Night" in 1967 before becoming one of the Angels. She first appeared on the show on January 16, 1984 episode in the closing "Milord" number of the "Club Bizarre" routine and is briefly glimpsed in the January 2, 1985 history-themed "missing link" sketch. Her later appearances include the Hill's Angels: Chez When routine on the March 12, 1986 episode and "Come to the Cabaret" in the March 31, 1986 episode. In 1985, Smith accompanied fellow Angels Lorraine Doyle, Emma Bryant, Laura Wynne, Sue Upton and Louise English with Benny Hill for the unveiling of a wax figure of Benny as "Fred Scuttle" at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London in 1985. She also appeared in the 1988 movie, "Whoops Apocalypse."

She might be the same Angel as Tracy Evans, but this is unconfirmed.