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Tracy Evans is an English actress, model and dancer who starred as one of the Hill's Angels on "The Benny Hill Show." However, her appearances have mostly been confused with model Nikki Critcher who might have been one of the girls in the exercise studio sketch on May 27, 1985.
Not much is known about Tracy's career. She was born February 12, possibly in London around 1963. She attended Priory Comprehensive School and later became a model and dancer. Later becoming one of the Hill's Angels, she had an uncredited appearance on the March 16, 1983 episode, playing a sunbather getting sun tan lotion from Corinne Russell, Benny's girlfriend and a Wild, Wild West dancer in blue with Louise English in the "Wild, Wild West" sketch. She might have been friends with Angels Jane Leeves and Gilian Adams and sketch actor John Vyvyan, later visiting him in the hospital.
She currently presides in Portsmouth, England where she lives under the name Tracy Diaper.



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