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Tommy Tupper is an English talk show host who appears on the TV series "Tupper-Time" in London. The format is to interview celebrities, actors and interesting local people of note. The opening is quite notable for having Tupper driving around in an open sports car, ending with his female rider (Nicole Shelby) losing her skirt in the passenger side car door. Tommy has a signature line, "There's another one." when a joke fails on his show.
In his February 4, 1970, Tupper is set to meet Eric Moulton (Jackie Wright), a 107 year old man from Kimberley, but the old-timer passes on his way on to the set. One arm and his head are seen on his way in as an unseen stagehand pulls him off screen. Apologizing, Tupper moves on and introduces Father Peter Wilby (Michael Sharvell-Martin), a Lambda parish vicar who scored three touchdowns in a football game. All seems to going alright until Tupper notices his fly on his pants is open. His dialogue inadvertently calling it to attention as Tupper tries hiding it with a flower vase and then his own feet. Tupper finally whispers to him about it as the Vicar grabs Tupper's folder of questions to conceal it and runs off the studio set.
Moving on, Tupper calls on noted actor Rodney Fairchild (Henry McGee), but he soon discovers the accused hell-raiser is actually a very quiet and reserved man of very few words. Unable to get any responses, Tupper brings out actress Lila Moon (Nicole Shelby in a blonde wig), but she arrives very drunk and obviously totally unaware of where she is. Sadly, Tupper realizes he has forty-two minutes left to his show without a guest to interview.


  • Tommy Tupper was played by Benny Hill.
  • Part of Nicole's brunette locks can be seen extending under her blonde wig.