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Tische und Sonn is a German bra and women's underwear designer located somewhere in Germany. They do a lot of work with companies in England, and possibly elsewhere.
The company is owned and run by Tische (Benny Hill) whose full name is unknown. He has female bust on his desk modeling one of the company bras when England calls. It's a Mr. Powell affiliated with Mr. Short with the Little Hampton branch (confused with Mr. Little from Shorthampton and Mr. Hampton with the short little branch). From the dialogue, it is revealed they met at a party at his house where Tische's son had English beer for the first time and used Powell's gold-plated toilet in a pink bathroom. However, through the phone, Powell reveals he doesn't have a pink bathroom, but he does have a pink spare bedroom where a gold euphonia is kept. He no longer plays it.
Tische and Powell get on with the order which develops to a series of strong words and comparisons of English and German workers. Eventually, Powell hangs up on him, and Tische fails to understand why, calling the British "so touchy."