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Time Is Running Out For Me (alternately "So Many Girls") is the opening number for the April 21, 1976 episode. It is performed by Benny Hill posing as a one-man band in a pseudo-urban setting with his cast members doing vocals, featuring Eddie Buchanan, Libby Roberts, Teresa Lucas, Claire Lutter, Jane Eve, Bella Emburg, Jackie Wright and Susie Baker.
The accompanying sketch features an unnamed old man (Benny Hill) and his bickering wife (Bella Emburg) walking through the park. As she drags him along, all he can do is gaze upon the young girls in the park (Libby Roberts and Teresa Lucas) and admire them from afar. Two trashmen (Eddie Buchanan and Ken Sedd) list their trash can lids to salute them. When two other girls (Claire Lutter and Jane Eve) pass by, an old timer in a wheelchair (Benny) signals his manservant (Jackie) to follow them. Eventually, the old man breaks free of his wife (leaving her talking with a fake arm under her arm) to chase after a statuesque blonde (Susie Baker). She briefly peeks into a construction site where the workmen {Eddie/Ken/Jackie) ogle her through the fence while an unknown fourth party steals the old man's wallet. When a Scotsman in a kilt (Eddie) peeks over, the men drive him off by throwing things. At the Recycled Fabric Company, two girls (Jane Eve and Teresa Lucas) get recycled clothes with messages ("Handle With Care," "Keep Frozen Till Needed" and "This Side Up") still stenciled on them. At the park, the old timer is getting further and further from the girls so he and his manservant switch places. It is at the Recycled Fabric Company that the errant husband catches up with the girl, but he steals a bicycle from another customer (Bella Emburg) in order to return a package which she has unwittingly lost. Along the way, he has an accident during a distraction with a girl at a fruit stand (Janet Eve).
On the way home, the blonde beauty cuts through a separate construction site, and a brick layer (Jackie) tips his hat at her and a passersby (Ken Sedd) gives a nod to her. The man rushes after her, jumping over a fence and hitting a board that ends the brick layer flying up and into an apartment bedroom with a woman (Teresa Lucas), whose angry husband (Eddie Buchanan) throws him out the window, hitting a board that violates the wandering husband. Meanwhile, the old-timer (Benny) has caught up with his two beauties and while distracted, his manservant (Jackie) rolls off in the wheelchair, accidentally snatching another girl (Claire Lutter) in traffic.
Finally, the husband reaches the home of his infatuation and gives her her lost attire. She thanks him by offering him to stay, but he becomes unbearibly nervous when she steps behind a curtain and starts throwing clothing over it. Thinking she's naked, he scoots a chair she's reaching for out of her hand's reach so she'll have to come out, but she's been only uncovering an ironing board. As soon as she's out of the room, her gay brother (Paul Eddington) comes out and puts the moves on the husband, even briefly chasing him around the room. Returning to his wife, the husband passes a man selling lucky charms (Eddie Buchanan) and buys one just as a passersby (Jackie Wright) gets crushed by a crate after scoffing at him. A construction hook from the building also latchs itself on the skirt of a woman (Jane Eve), but she attacks him with her purse without realizing he's trying to spare her embarrassment.
Arrested by a police woman (Teresa Lucas) and dragged off to jail, the husband is left waiting behind a divider with a crying woman (Libby Roberts) as the desk sergeant (Eddie Buchanan) gets her report. When they look under the divider and see the two prisoners dancing back and forth, they pull it back and discover the husband has the woman's skirt over his head and is puppeting a scene after helping her to escape. After they go out the window to recapture the girl, the husband steals a doughnut and runs off to catch up with his wife, who hasn't notices him missing.


  • The grounds of the park are the back property of Benny's rehearsal building often seen in sketches. The accompanying structures and alleys were possibly in the vicinity.


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