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Thunderclap is an American gunslinger and outlaw from near El Paso, well-known for smoking, over-eating and bad hygiene habits. In the saloon, he sits on a large rubber doughnut. His partner is an effeminate figure known as The Gay Caballero.
Thunderclap is also interested in the local beauty Lucky Lulu Belle (Lorraine Doyle), the true love of the Halitosis Kid. When he goes for her, he and the Kid get into a gunfight at the local saloon and ending up chasing them upstairs into the hotel. The Caballero gets taken down by the Kid's breath, but Thunderclap muscles his way into the room and takes Lulu Belle. Outside of town, the Caballero gets the jump of the Kid and tapes his mouth shut, basically neutralizing his breath. Thunderclap taunts him by shooting at Lulu Belle's feet, forcing the kid to know he's defeated. Unfortunately, Thunderclap and the Caballero don't known his body odor is even worse than his breath, and when the Kid puts up his arms, both Thunderclap and the Caballero pass out from the smell. The outlaws defeated, the Kid and Lulu Belle return to town.
In modern years (1988), Thunderclap's descendant is still terrorizing town with a Mexican sidekick (Jon Jon Keefe), usually leering at the ladies in town as his sidekick shoots local townspeople (Lesley Woods/Jackie Wright/Elfrida Ashworth/Jon Jon Keefe/Cheryl Mortimer/Gilian Adams) in line ahead of Thunderclap at the phone booth. He is constantly escaping the local sheriff (Jackie Wright) and robbing the locals, including a business man (Benny Hill).
The outlaw eventually faces off with an unidentified gunfighter (Benny Hill), who gets beer on the dress of Thunderclap's girlfriend(Corinne Russell). The gunfighter fights back with a combination of marksmith skills and magic tricks. Humiliated, the outlaw leaves, and the gunfighter treats the remaining townsfolk to drinks.