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Episode: 26
Date: February 18, 1976
Time: 49:58
Musical Director:
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Producer: Mark Stuart
Director: Mark Stuart
Writer: Benny Hill




  • Val Doonigoon singing Rubber Balloons
  • The World of Sports
  • Bonnie and Clyde spoof
  • Transistor Radio





  • Grace Parks - "The best scientific brains claim that whiskey cannot cure the common cold."
    Lady Stranger - "Neither can the best scientific brains..."

  • Male Stranger - "Look at that figure! She looks like a kangaroo with all the kids home!"

  • Male Stranger - "Her mouth is so big... when she smiles, she gets lipstick in her ears!"

  • Paw - "Jenny, you pregnant again?"
    Jenny - "No, Paw, I'm carrying it for a friend."


  • The opening quickie features a couple Benny Hill and Lorna Nathan entering a restaurant to eat lunch. When the waiter (Henry McGee) says "they can't eat their own food," they switch lunches.
  • Actress Lorna Nathan appears in the opening musical number and several quickies but doesn't get a credit. This material was possibly left over the the taping of the December 17, 1975 episode where she appeared.
  • The promised "guests" include:
  • The The World Of Sports parody isn't featured in the menu of the A&E DVD set.
  • In the Eunice Biscuit interview, Benny copies the "Pill Down The Wrong Throat" gag made famous by the Three Stooges. It appears in the Stooges shorts, "Even As I.O.U" (1942), where Curly is the victim, and "Scrambled Brains" (1951), where Shemp is the victim.
  • Quickies in this episode include:
    • A waiter (Benny) accidentally poisoning patrons at a restaurant (Henry McGee, Eddie Buchanan and Jackie Wright) while trying to kill a fly
    • Benny recites a limerick about "a notice from Notting Hill Gate."
    • Eddie Buchanan, Libby Roberts, Jane Eve, Henry McGee, Claire Lutter, Benny, Jackie and Moira Foot at the bus stop (and Jackie's facing the wrong direction)
    • A farmer (Henry) notices his daughter, Jenny (Benny) is pregnant, but she swears she's just carrying it for a friend
    • A man (Jackie Wright) goes into a ladies underwear shop where the sales girl (Lorna Nathan learns he estimated her bust size with his bowler hat (Benny dubs in Jackie's voice)
    • A hungry diner patron (Benny) tries eating from another diner's (Henry) plate after he steps away
    • A tourist (Henry) tries getting directions to Bishop's Walk from a local (Jackie)
  • A distracted office worker (Benny) loses count when he's distracted by the form of a female office worker (Teresa Lucas)
    • Jenny the Farmer's daughter (Benny) passes off her pregnancy to her father (Henry) as advice from her doctor to stick her stomach out
  • According to William Brown of "Benny's Place," the music in "Quickies on the Dance Floor" is the music from Benny's song, Garden of Love, adding that the tune is also a slower version of Lonely Boy from March 26, 1975.