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The World Of Sport is a British sports highlights series hosted by Dickie Davies, seated at a news desk in front of active newscasters and TVs. As such, a lot of activity and movement is often occurring behind him, including a co-worker (Henry McGee) glaring jealously as Davies romances a female co-worker (Moira Foot). Among the events he features:

  • Champion bicyclist Eddie Mucks (Benny Hill) in a marathon being passed by various civilians (cast members unidentified)
  • The Wiltshire Ladies Golf tournament find a way to remove Miss Cartwright (Benny) from winning another year
  • The Dimpton Mixed Track Event featuring Freida Dugg of the Tutfield Harriers (Jane Eve?) and Hamish Halmark (Benny) in a lawn-bowling tournament along with Teresa Lucas doing a long jump ahead of Skip Titworth (Benny)
  • The Happy Hooker fishing tournament with Carl Nutter (Benny)

Davies also presents the results of the Services Nude Leap Frog Competition as Army-99, Air Force-96 and Navy-2, adding that several sea men were disqualified for unknown reasons. Following the fishing tournament footage, he gets caught manicuring his toe nails in a cut back to the studio, trying to cover it up with an adult magazine before going to Teddy Tripp (Henry McGee) at the Frampton Shoe-Jumping Tournament.
In the tournament, Tripp interviews Eunice Biscuit (Benny), a top showjumper and owner of a horse named "Darling Harold," over her life and career as she gets the two confused. As she goes to give her horse its pill, the horse blows first, and she gets the pill instead.
Afterward, Davies goes to the New Frontier Bra Cup tennis tournament between Terri and Libby Robertson (Libby Roberts and Teresa Lucas) going up against Frieda and Ada Cluck (Benny and Jackie Wright). Frieda tries to make up for her lack of a figure with tennis balls, and Ada often gets her fingers stick in her tennis rackets. When Frieda makes the first move, the ball goes straight into the mouth of the referee (Henry McGee), later bouncing it off Ada's head. When she yells at Frieda, she's so hopping mad her loose underwear falls to her ankles. On the next serve, Frieda bounces the ball off Ada's head back toward her again. Having lost the game to the Robinsons, Ada goes to congratulate her opponents, but Frieda lifts the net and she falls over it.
Returning back to the studio, Davies tries wrapping the show as tensions between his staff results in fighting and quarreling with each other.


  • This sketch is a parody of the 1968 to 1985 sports retrospective "World of Sport" hosted by Richard "Dickie" Davis, a British television presenter.
  • The top of the set in the sketch has a banner reading "Word of Sports" instead of "World of Sports."
  • The background staff includes Jackie Wright, Jane Eve, Moira Foot (Dickie's girlfriend), Eddie Buchanan and Henry McGee (jealous of Davies affair with a blonde in the office) and Claire Lutter.
  • Eddie Mucks passes the members of Love Machine before crashing his bike.
  • In the lawn-bowling tournament, Henry McGee and Jackie Wright are the referees; Teresa Lucas, Claire Lutter and Libby Roberts(?) are giggling fans
  • Eddie Buchanan plays a coach in the Dimpton Mixed Track Event
  • The fishing tournament also features Henry McGee, Claire Lutter, Eddie Buchanan and Libby Roberts as various by-standers.
  • The name of the adult magazine Davies covers his foot up with is unrevealed. The studio seems to have clipped a chunk of its name out to hide its identity, but the letters "ALD" can still be barely made out.
    • It is reported the cover wasn't edited out in American syndication.
  • The coach in the tennis match is unidentified, but it might be Eddie Buchanan.
  • This sketch isn't featured in the menu of the A&E DVD set, instead making room for some Quickies and a brief limerick.