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The Wishing Well is a notable landmark somewhere in England (possibly Lower Tidmarsh) which seems to have remarkable mystical powers, bringing live to people's thoughts and somehow granting their wishes.
When an elderly couple (Benny Hill and Connie Georges) shows up near the well, he tosses in a coin wishing he was single, which resulting in his wife disappearing. Thinking he's got a good thing going, he tosses in another coin wanting a young beautiful bride and a beautiful brunette (Margaret Dupre) appears. He is ecstatic, but she's not. She tosses in a coin for her own tall handsome lover and a huge muscleman (David Prowse) appears. Unfortunately, the big guy has his own thoughts. He tosses in a coin to be alone with the old timer. Not enjoying this turn of events, the old guy tosses in another coin, getting rid of the muscleman and getting his wife back in one stroke.
The well (or another one) is eventually approached some years later by a homely woman (Henry McGee) wanting to approve her looks, but the magic isn't working or the well itself is malfunctioning. When she asks for a "forty size bust," a forty bus appears.


  • The well is possibly in Lower Tidmarsh which was the location for many of the early Thames episodes.
  • The strongman is played by three-time British heavyweight weightlifting champion David Prowse, who would later play Darth Vader in all three original Star Wars films. He would also return in Stupid Cupid.
  • Dave Allen also did a version of this sketch ending with two guys walking off together.