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The Sum Awards is a British television awards show that recognizes the best of television. Interspersed with public interviews with people from the street giving their opinions on the programming they appreciate. It is hosted by Dickie Davies joined by a lovely co-presenter (Jenny Lee-Wright in brunette wig).
Filmed at the Eureka Hotel, the program includes interstitial shots of people in the street trying to promote their favorite TV shows. One man (Benny) shares his preference for the "Black and White Minstrels" while another man (Henry McGee leans to promote "Quest." In an second spot, a housewife (Benny} says she prefers romantic programs and describes a scene from one of them. In the third, an old Jewish man describing his favorite television series as another man (Eddie Buchanan) leans in and mentions "Crossroads."
In the Best Candidate Category, Davis announces the winner is Patrick MacNee for his work in "The New Avengers." In the clip, MacNee (Benny) as John Steed gets a job from Black Fox and starts getting tips from a patient (Suzy Mandel?) at the hospital. He meets his contact (Jenny Lee Wright) at the library where he, Miss Purdy and Gambit (Jackie Wright) fight a spy (Eddie Buchanan).
The Male Personality of the Year is Mangus Magnusson (Benny) of "Mastermind." In a clip, he tests a male model named Sydney Bottocks (Jackie Wright]), who is married, has fifteen children and likes flying his kite. His category choice is the Arts. Magnusson stoically tests Buttocks with a straight face, but he misses every single question, getting the lowest score on the show and suddenly disappearing in a puff of smoke after Magnusson hits a button.
Dennis Roussous (Eddie Buchanan appears to give the Critic's Choice award to "I, Claudius." In the clip, Antonia (Rita Webb) and Quantus (Henry McGee) plot to poison the constantly stammering Claudius (Benny) when he won't abdicate. After failing to sacrifice a slave (Jackie Wright), he finally decides to give himself up to several young maidens. (Jenny Lee-Wright, Diana Darvey, Linda Robinson, Sue Upton, Suzy Mandel).
Davies then wraps the show surrounded by the girls from the show.



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