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The Streaker's Ball is a closing number performed by the Milk Marketing Board singing group on March 23, 1977. It is performed on a stage set up like a town square with a bandstand area. Benny Hill is the lead singer and band leader of the group accompanied by Henry McGee on tuba blowing up Lorraine Doyle's skirt, Dilys Watling on triangle, Jackie Wright on trombone and Eddie Buchanan on clarinet. The other band members include Lorraine Doyle on flute, Penny Rigden(?) on flute, Suzy Mandel on clarinet (who loses her skirt on Benny's baton), Spencer Shires on cymbals, Rita Webb on piccolo, Pete Morgan on trumpet and Claire Lutter on cornet. They all put down their instruments to join Benny on the chorus and getting together to march off stage in single file with Benny using his cap to conceal Suzy's missing skirt.


Now the whole darn town sure opened up its eyes...
The night they held the Streakers Ball,
There was every shape and every size...
At the Streakers Ball

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As the first girl came running in a lovely bit of stuff,
Well, Charlie had a stroke, and so did Mr. Duff.
I wanted one as well, but I wasn't quick enough,
At the Streakers Ball.

Oh, Fancy Dress tonight, and it sure was fun.
At the Streakers Ball
Cousin Annie walked in backwards as a hot-crossed bun
At the Streakers Ball
Though he's got a wooden leg, my poor old Uncle Dick
Poured treacle on his bald head, half an inch thick.
He said, "I'm going as a toffee apple on a stick,
"To the Streakers Ball."

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Auntie Jean went as Godiva, and the horse cost fifty quid
At the Streakers Ball
But the horse got more dances than Auntie Jeannie did
At the Streakers Ball
"Who's the man with the mask on?" the mayor asked Mrs. Gray,
She said, "He's not my husband, I'm very sad to say."
And Elsie said, "He doesn't come from this town anyway,"
At the Streakers Ball.

They had a streakers wedding, at least that's what I'm told
At the Streakers Ball
And the bridegroom couldn't find a place to put his button hole
At the Streakers Ball

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A bridesmaid was heard to mutter, "Oh, what utter bliss,
"A slap-up streakers wedding is a thing I'd never miss.
"And you can always tell who the best man is,"
At the Streakers Ball...