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The Statue is a high-cultured program starring Fred Marceau (Benny Hill) as a statue in a park. The act covers the life of a statue in a park without lines and featuring incidental music. He encounters a little girl (Louise English) who sticks her lollipop on his posterior before getting chased off by a police officer (Henry McGee), who in turn taps the burnt tobacco out of his pipe on his posterior. Soon, a beautiful dancer {Julie Kirk) sashays into the park and admires the statue, bringing it to life to dance with it.
At this point, a TV viewer (Jackie Wright) watching gets bored and starts complaining about the material. Marceau then breaks character to complain right back at him through the television until the old timer gets bored and heads out ahead of his daughter entering.


  • This routine is possibly Benny's homage to French mime Marcel Marceau.
  • Benny performs a similar routine, "The Rose," on April 16, 1980 with Louise English as a poster that comes to life.
  • This character and the Elsie sketch were together identified as the "Channel Surfing" sketch.