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The South Blank Show is a British television arts magazine series presented by Melvyn Dragg (Benny Hill). The show presented both high art and popular culture to a mass audience. After news from the Moscow Film Studios, he presents two clips:

  • Mairy O'Hairy (Benny Hill) sings "Derusha" and The Spinning Wheel
  • Dave Allen (Benny Hill) tries telling jokes in front of an ethnic audience and gets attacked by even his crew

Dragg next mentions a tribute to motion picture director Arnold P. Fudpucker, who released one of the last Sherlock Holmes films. It starred Nigel Bruce and Basil Rathbone. Previews of movies include:

  • "The Deputy" - starring a lawman (Benny Hill) with a dead moonshiner he isn't sure is dead yet
  • "The Mayor" - starring W. C. Fields (Benny Hill) as a mayor harangued by the local Ladies League for his drinking

The episode is continued by Jillianne Foot interviewing musician Marvin Lubtisch (Benny Hill), who talks about his career and sings the song, Graffiti. When Lubtisch wraps his song, the show cuts back to Dragg reading a comic book. In closing, he promises a look at music halls in the next show before ending on a thought.


  • This sketch is a parody of the ITV series, "The South Bank Show" which ran between 1978 and 2010 with a reprise on Sky Arts on May 27. 2012. It was a replacement for "Aquarius," which Benny had parodied as Uplift with Humphrey Bumphrey on February 24, 1971.
  • Melvyn Dragg is a take on former BBC arts broadcaster Melvyn Bragg, the host of "The South Bank Show."
  • Mary O'Hairy is an impression of singer Mary O'Hare
  • Dave Allen was Benny's friendly rival on BBC2. The script for the impression even appears in the book, "The Essential Dave Allen" by Graham MacCann.
  • Dave's crew members are Frank Coda, "Dave Allen at Large" cast member Chris Serle and Des Wilson and Charlie Arkin of The Cotton Mills Boys.
  • The cast members in "The Mayor" include Jillianne Foot, Lee Gibson, Eunice Black, Henry McGee, Jackie Wright and Charles Stapley.
  • Benny makes a topical reverence to American President Richard M. Nixon.
  • According to William Brown at the "Benny's Place" website, the reference to 1925 vintage Napoleon brandy in "The Mayor" was an in-joke reference to the ostensible year of Benny's birth, which would later be determined to be 1924.
  • This sketch was included in the HBO Video "Video Revue" VHS Tape with the Marvin Lubtisch interview cut out for time.