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The Sound of Frankenstein is a spoof of monster movies and musicals that aired March 11, 1970. The name merges the titles of "The Sound of Music" and "Son of Frankenstein" and is set in an old German castle attacked by storm and thunder. It covers how Dr. Frankenstein (Michael Sharvell-Martin) created a monster from dead bodies (and a few mechanical parts) as a friend. He is then approached by his daughter (Eira Heath) who becomes fond of the creature and marries it. The extra party guests include Jimmy Thompson, Nicole Shelby, Bill Drysdale, Walter Cartier, Sue Bishop, Valerie St. John and Pippa Reynaud.



(Dr. Frankenstein (Michael Sharvell-Martin) starts singing)
I'm a lonely sort of man
Almost friendless
At least, that it was how it was in the past.
My search for a companion was endless
But that's all over now for at last
I've made a friend.
I've made a friend.

I've followed in the very latest trend
Took a book down from the shelf,
The one entitled "Do-It-Yourself"
And I went ahead and made myself a friend
I hope my friend will not offend
His manners I can safely recommend
Although he looks a bit ferocious, he's not really as atrocious
But I'm sure one could love him in the end...
My friend

(Frankenstein's daughter (Eira Heath) and her party guests barge in to see what Dr. Frankenstein is doing, and he shows them his monster. The women scream upon seeing him.)
{The Monster)

Oh, I've been put together rather badly
And bits of me ain't in their proper place
With bolts sticking out of my neck,
I ain't no Gregory Peck
I'm more of a thing that came from outer space

Oh, I've been put together rather strangely.
Which puts me in a rather awkward spot
I've got my teeth and hair, and I know my feet are there
I only hope there's nothing he has forgot

Oh, I've been put together rather loosely
And most of me is covered in dirt and dust
If i ever have kids, they'll all be redheads
Cause vital parts of me are showing signs of rust

Oh, I've been put together rather badly
I'm just a little worried about myself
Cause every time I cough, another bit drops off
I can't help thinking I'm not the picture of perfect health
(The Villagers) Oh, he can't help thinking I'm not the picture of perfect health

(Frankenstein's daughter decides the Monster is kind of sweet, and says she could grow fond of him.)


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
It's all part of Mother Nature's game
Some of us are shy, and some are bolder
You see, we're all made the same
Love is blind, Love is blind,
It's all in the mind
Now, we all stand a chance of finding romance

Love is blind, Love is blind,
Around the world you're mine
That nature has been kind
Love is blind

(The Monster asks Dr. Frankenstein's daughter to marry him. She agrees, and they start singing together)

We are fate by a cave - A cave for two
Near a swamp, we can romp the whole day through
We will have rats and vampire bats
Like all good monsters should
Under the lightening, we will go our frightening through the neighborhood
We will live alone on poison ivy (Stinkweed too)
You will catch lots of toads for me to chew
We will raise a family - A boy for you, and a ghoul for me
In a gloomy but very roomy gloomy cave for two -