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The Shadow is an unidentified married man who discovers he has the ability to manipulate incidents around him through his shadow which takes a tactile and physical presence in the world around him. When he pretends to pinch a young girl, the young lady feels it and slaps the nearest old man (Jack Wright). He then experiments with lifting the skirt of another young lady, who then slaps the same old man, but when she is curtly cut in line by another pedestrian (Jon Jon Keefe), he gingerly leads the man out of the way to retake his place in line. At the park, he continues to use this power, giving a young lady (Corrine Russell) a back brace before interrupted by a man asking for the time (Bob Todd) and cheating at checkers with his opponent (Henry McGee). At home, he uses this ability to harass his haranguing wife until he accidentally chokes her. The investigating police (Bob Todd and Henry McGee) then catch him fondling a young female officer and put him in jail, surrounded by shadows of steel bars.