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The Newlyweds are an unidentified newly-married couple who spend their honeymoon at an unidentified hotel in England, possibly the Hotel Sordid or Hotel Spendid. On arrival, the wife pulls out a television first (apparently to not miss her programs) and her negligee second, but her husband immediately gets interested in the television with the Hill's Angels dancing to "Runaway" (along with all the other guys staying or visiting in the hotel).
The tone of their honeymoon seems determined when shortly after getting set for bed that night when the wife gets a call from her best friend Gladys from home. First reminding her that it's her wedding night, the newlywed wife then asks her to call back in five minutes (apparently all the time she needs to make love with her husband). The following morning, the husband brings breakfast to the room and hands it to his wife in bed, but apparently she's only holding it because he takes it back after getting in bed.
Later that day, the newlyweds get a phone call from the front desk if they want tea delivered to the room. The wife asks her new husband what he wants to do, and he rationalizes that since they had breakfast and lunch in bed, they should get up for their tea.