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The Movie Shakers is a TV talk show hosted by actress Andree Melly for interviewing established British stars, such as Merwyn Cruddy. Conceited and somewhat effeminate, Mervyn is interviewed by Andree for the National Film Council. She mentions his role in "Inherit The Wind" where he plays a doctor who cares for a family in which he kissed an unaware actress and about his alter nose, "fixed" by an angry husband who caught him with his wife. Quite a lothario, Merwyn confesses to claiming he ran out of gas to be alone with actresses. Considering the English better lovers than the French, he is reminded by Andree of his role in "Breakfast In Bed," but he is taken aback briefly when he is asked if the role was hard. He starred in the movie with Zsa Zsa Gabor as her husband. He also mentions his starring role in "Little Women" with Julie Edge and Raquel Welch, calling them "four of his favorites." Andree also surprises him with footage from his movie "The Lovers," a romance seen through the hands of two lovers named John and Marcia through their courtship, proposal, marriage and tragic ending, and his nude photos in "Pet of the Month," where he claims he was covered in flesh-colored make-up. He also reveals he wore gold make-up in another role. Andree and Merwyn then view his performance in Home Is The Hero, a role he says he couldn't play in real life because of his religion as a devout coward. Following the clip, fans rush the stage to give flowers, but they run by Merwyn to give them to Andree.


  • The Movie Shakers is a parody of "The Movie Makers," a recurring series of interviews with major filmmakers and actors at the National Film Theatre that aired on the BBC between 1969 and 1976.
  • "The Lovers" sketch is a video parody of Stan Freberg's 1951 record "John and Marsha," albeit with additional material by Hill (the part with George). It appears in the 1979 U.S. syndicated package but was left out of the 1987 revamp.
  • Like Andree Melly, actress Eira Heath is another guest star who starred as a host in a talk show format, namely After Dinner with Charlotte Fudge.
  • Andree Melly also played the hostess of The Grass is Greener where she interviewed quite a different Merwyn Cruddy.
  • The voices in "The Lovers" seem to be Benny Hill (John), Jenny Lee-Wright (Marcia) and Henry McGee (George).
  • John in "The Losers" can't get one shoe off to join his wife in bed; this gag re-occurs in the Maurice Dribble sketch.
  • Jackie Wright shows up to hand Andree flowers on stage.