Episode: 43
Date: January 6, 1982
Time: 50:46
Musical Director: Ronnie Aldrich
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Choreography: Francesca Jaynes
Producer: Dennis Kirkland
Director: Dennis Kirkland
Writer: Benny Hill



  • Quickie: My Kitty
  • Song: Home on Paradise Island
  • Quickies - 4
  • School Teacher
  • Hill's Angels - Hotel Splendide
  • Quickie: Risky
  • Cleaning Up Dimpton
  • Quickie - 4
  • The Monte Carbolic Show
  • Tag: The Vampire


  • Hotel Splendide
  • Cleaning Up Dimpton
  • The Monte Carbolic Show
  • The Vampire



  • The Professor - "What's the hottest part of the sun? Page Three."

  • The Professor - "Don't become an atheist. They don't get no holidays."

  • The Professor - "Name four fruits that begin with "N." An apple, an orange, an onion, an banana...."

  • The Professor - "There were five disciples. Matthew, Mark, Olivia, Newton, John..."

  • The Professor - "You can tell Moses was sick by the size of the tablets."

  • Jo Thomas - I'm sorry to keep you waiting, but I can't make up my mind between the salmon marine, scalloped veal, duck a'lorange or the beef stroganoff."
    Bob Todd - "Why don't you come back on Friday and have grisos."


  • Selected sketches from this episode appear in the "Video Spotlight" and "Video Follies" VHS tapes from HBO Home Video.
  • A British stone is equal to 14 American pounds, so if the weight Bob Todd writes on Jackie Wright's suitcase is accurate, he weighs 265-266 pounds.
  • Benny mentions Australian entertainer Olivia Newton-John, the sister of former cast member Rona Newton-John.
  • The start of the "Monte Carbolic" features impersonations of celebrities by Benny Hill and Jackie Wright from previous episodes, including Louise Masseur, Pierre La Poof, Father Dowd, Shirley Bassey, nana Moussouri, Dorothy Squires, Liza Minelli, Charles Asnevour, Moira Anderson, Billy Eckstine, Lindsay Duvall, Roy Orbison, Fred Marceau and Milligan & Nesbitt.
  • On the "Video Follies" Home Video, the tag scene with the vampire (chase omitted) comes up right after the "Cleaning Up Dimpton" sketch, making it look like Bob Todd's character has been demoted to park maintenance. The "Monte Carbolic" sketch in between actually appears instead on the "Video Spotlight" Home Video.