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The Messenger is an unnamed 17th Century servant to an unnamed lord in 1640 Sussex (Bob Todd). With a Roundhead advance looking over his castle, the dire lord sends his messenger to Edinburgh Castle over 400 miles away, and his faithful servant rushes off to oblige despite the Royalist armies in the countryside. On his way, he befriends a blonde maiden (Jenny Lee Wright), who he entices to lend him her clothes. The disguise works, but they take a fancy to him and chase him through the woods. One of them propositions him near a tree and gets punched out.
At one point running faster than a horse, the Messenger soon comes upon more Roundhead soldiers, pretending to flirt with them and knocking them out one by one, but the last one remains resistant until he sheds down to his regular male attire. Now attracting the last guard (Bob Todd), he knocks him out with a club.
At the 207 meter mark, the Messenger is confronted by two more Roundheads, knocking one of them out and stealing his clothes. He also steals a horse, but he soon gets knocked from it by the low branches of a tree and loses it. He eventually comes across an old lady (Connie Georges) who carries him the rest of the way to Edinburgh. Running into the castle, he finds King Charles I (Nicholas Parsons) partying at a table with several ladies. Taking the Messenger's letter, he uses it to light a cigar. When he realizes he hasn't read it, he sends the Messenger back to Sussex to repeat the message. Returning back home, the exhausted Messenger instead tosses off the message and runs off with another maiden (Sue Bond).


  • The castle images in the skit are Sissinghurst Castle in Kent and Edinburgh Castle in Scotland.
  • The Roundheads or Parlimentarians were supporters of the Parliament of England during the English Civil War, who fought against the reign of Charles I of England, and the Cavaliers or Royalists, who claimed rule by absolute monarchy and the divine right of kings. The goal of the Roundhead party was to give the Parliament supreme control over executive administration.
  • The two men at the lord's table are possibly Henry McGee and Nicholas Parsons. Parsons also possibly plays the leader of the first Roundhead troop the character encounters.
  • Benny follows up on the sketch by stepping out after The Grass is Greener sketch and showing off the old lady skirt used to pull off the "carried by old lady" illusion
  • This is possibly considered one of the most remembered sketches in the series.