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The Hungry Bride is an unnamed brunette woman who shows up at the beach and unwittingly uses the puppet tent to change into her bikini. This of course distracts the puppeteer (Benny Hill) who pursues her as a girlfriend. Through their courtship, she doesn't drink alcohol or eat more than a leaf of lettuce in order to keep her figure (which is spectacular enough to make ice cream bounce). She also doesn't take sugar in her tea, but the puppeteer is so crazy about her that he proposes marriage to her.
After the ceremony at the church, the happy couple end up at a party at the hotel where the preist (Henry McGee) even congratules the puppetteer on his shapely bride. Meanwhile, the bride indulges in several finger sandwiches served by a waitress (Suzy Mandel) as her now stunned new husband watches. She soon begins devouring everything at the table, seemingly putting on fifty pounds in just under a minute before drinking down several glasses of beer, takes a bite out of a leg of lamb and removing a tier out of the wedding cake to eat a channel through it. The stunned party guests flee as if she's going to explode or devour them too, even taking a shortcut through the room of a young couple (Pete Morgan and Anne Bruzac), ending up at the beach where everything started.


  • The Hungry Bride was played by series semi-regular Dilys Watling.
  • This sketch was a rare chance to spotlight the talent of the cast members rather than Benny or the long-term regulars like Henry or Jackie.
  • Spencer Shires and Claire Lutter play sun-bathers
  • In the wedding scene, the priest was played by Henry McGee, first man by Eddie Buchanan and her father by Jackie Wright. Claire Lutter, Anne Bruzac and Rita Webb appeared as part of the wedding party.
  • This sketch was called "I Have to Watch My Figure" in the "One Night Video Stand" installment of HBO Video's "Golden Classics" DVD collection.
  • According to William Brown at "Benny's Place," this sketch was developed from an idea by cast member Cherri Gilham whose original concept was a bride who became uglier than fatter.