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"Communist with knife and fork seeks capitalist with steak and kidney pie."


Fake Arms on the S.S. Rumpo

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Commercial Parodies

This page lists the most recurring bits, punch-lines and sight gags in The Benny Hill Show. This page is still a work in progress.

Bad Stunt Doubles[]

Beautiful Girl, Bad Teeth[]

Benny Hill's Cracked Fairy Tales[]

Booby Trap[]

00dennie bayliss

Bottle Over Spoon[]

Came to Feed The Shark[]

Chasing The Olive[]

Coffin and the Stairs[]

Clothes over the Curtain[]

Commercial Parodies[]

Communist with Knife and Fork[]

Copy The Boss[]

Curtain Knocked Down[]

Departed Husband[]


Distracted On-Air[]

Distracting the Roomates[]

Don't Miss The Bathroom[]

Drink Poured Over Sugar Cubes[]

Expanding Bust Size[]

Stacked 59

Rona Newton-John in "Look #7"

Failed Ventriloquist[]

Fake Arms[]

Fishing With A Hat[]


Fishing With A Hat

Flatulence from an Inner Tube[]

Frisbee With Food[]

Furniture Obstructs View[]

Giant White Flag[]

Head On Nude Portrait[]

Hidden Arm and Pinch[]


Sue Bond and Benny Hill

Hidden Message[]

Innocent Slap Victim[]

It's True I Tell You![]

Laundry Line[]

Lifting A Camera Skirt[]

Matching Scarecrow[]

Men's Room/Women's Room[]

Movie Parodies[]


Muscle Act[]

Name Tag[]


Name Tag

News At Ten[]

Nodding And Shaking[]

No Milk![]

Return The Ball[]

Role Reversal[]

Shot In Rear[]

Small Cake/Big Cake[]

Stiff Arm[]

00benny stiff arm

Stretcher Dump[]


Stretcher Dump at the Scouts and Guides Annual Fete

Sue Upton as An Old Lady[]

Teeth Knocked Out[]

Television Parodies[]


13th Floor/Not Superstitious[]

Tinkler Behind the Tree[]

Umbrella Lifting Skirts[]