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The Hot Shoe Show was a British ensemble variety dance show hosted by choreographer Wayne Sleep (Len Keyes), who appears in the opening digitally altered into several images. The show features several musical and dancing acts, several of which appear against an all black backdrop. The dance sequences include:

Behind the scenes, dancers (Erica Lynley) stuff their bras with Kleenex (still in the boxes), coaches (Henry McGee) teach male dancers (Benny Hill) on how to recite Shakespeare's lyrics and Wayne shows up with a scantly-clad native man (Andrew Francis). When the dancers talk slowly to him, they have to explain they talk slowly for Wayne's sake. One of the other male dancers confesses his coach wants him to keep putting on new socks to a female dancer (Lindsay Neil), but he can't get his shoes on anymore. Dancers also crash into unseen black backdrops.


  • This sketch is a parody of the BBC1 dance-variety series "The Hot Shoe Show" which aired between 1983 and 1984. It was hosted by Royal Ballet principal and choreographer Wayne Sleep, a friend of Princess Diana.
  • Wayne Sleep was played by Len Keyes. Although Sleep at this time more generally resembled Jon Jon, Len possibly impersonates the choreographer to over-emphasize his high forehead.
  • The opening sequence features Jon Jon Keefe, Sue Upton, Benny Hill, Lisa Jackman and Fiona Sloman posed against back screen and then super-imposed into awkward situations. Bob Todd joins Benny for the psychedelic intro to Keyes as Wayne Sleep.
  • The other girls in the Kleenex gag with Erica Lynley are Lisa Jackman and Lindsay Neil.
  • This sketch includes a reprise of T.V. Romania Te Rose from April 16, 1980.