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Episode: 48
Date: April 25, 1984
Time: 50:15
Musical Director: Ronnie Aldrich
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Choreography: Libby Roberts
Producer: Dennis Kirkland
Director: Dennis Kirkland
Writer: Benny Hill




  • The Vagabond
  • In "The Human Body," Benny tries to redesign the human figure.
  • In the "St. John Thomas Hospital" tag, Benny stops the chase to remove an annoying thread appearing in the footage.
  • Fizz Waters, the assistant stage director, appears on stage to let Benny know the show ran short in a rare ending of the series.



  • Coming Up


  • This episode appears on the "Golden Sniggers" VHS.
  • The "Boys Are Back In Town" sketch with the Hill's Angels features Benny Hill, Bob Todd, Henry McGee, Jon Jon Keefe, Len Keyes and Andrew Francis.
  • In "New York Angels" ("Boys Are Back In Town"), the Angels are Fiona Sloman (standing up against Benny), Lesley Woods (twisting the arm on Len Keyes), Lisa Jackman (trying to get a swing at Bob Todd), Erica Lynley (beating up Henry McGee and sending an assist to Lisa), Lesley again (knocking down Jon Jon Keefe), Lisa Jackman (doing gymnastics and kicking Andrew Francis in the teeth), Fiona returns trying to get a punch to land on Benny, Erica returns sparring with Henry, Lesley returns slapping Len around, Fiona returns over-powering Benny and Lindsay Neil and Noreen Bothan (playing tennis with Len's head). Their referee is possibly Tracy Smith.
    • Noreen can be seen hiding a chuckle when the blade falls out of Benny's switchblade.
    • The sets vibrate when Jon Jon crashes into them inside the trash can.
    • Lisa Jackman or an unnamed extra possibly doubles for Len Keyes in the gymnastic bars.
    • When the Angels congratulate each other, Erica congratulates Lesley Woods, Tracy Smith applauds Sue Upton (who had double duty playing the little old lady getting harassed; she wasn't in the fight montage), Lindsay congratulates Fiona and Noreen gets barely gets seen behind Tracy as the sketch winds down.
  • According to William Brown of "Benny's Place," Jon Jon Keefe was the singer behind "The Boys Are Back In Town," first made famous by 1970s rock group, Tin Lizzy.
  • A second string of quickies in the episode feature Benny the Clown with a chicken act (possibly left over from January 7, 1981), Jackie Wright as an overworked employee needing some assistance (possibly left over from March 16, 1983), Sue Upton caught in bed by her husband Bob Todd and Benny and Jane Leeves watching a horror movie (also likely left over from March 16, 1983).
  • Quickies for this episode include Benny as a caveman attempting to invent the wheel, Jon Jon Keefe cuts down a tree for a protest sign, Benny in an affair with Erica Lynley, Louise English as a nurse for Jackie Wright, Benny and Lindsay Neil as newlyweds calling room service, Benny gets help from repairman Jon Jon Keefe and Jane Leeves gets a special present from a Sheikh played by Henry McGee.
  • Louise sings "Every Man, Every Woman Wants the Same Thing" on Benny's TV in a quickie.
  • In "Two Minutes Under," Benny says about Dennis Kirkland, "you're the producer... this week." This seems to be an allusion to the high turn-over of directors and producers in the early years of the series.
  • The St. John Thomas Hospital sketch reuses footage from the Grand Wheelchair Rally sketch from Friday Night Fever.