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The Hitchhiker is the name of a traveling transfer student named Cyril who gets picked up by unnamed benefactor (Patricia Hayes), who drives the lanes around her home looking for young men. When she picks up Cyril, she learns he's running away from a bad relationship. (She said she was 17, but she was really 38.) The older woman offers him a good meal and takes Cyril to her penthouse, but he soon realizes she wants much more than to just feed him. Her attention on him however turns out to be a problem for her husband, George (Michael Sharvell Martin), who walks out on her, but eventually she gets bored with Cyril and picks up Vince (Jimmy Thompson), another hitchhiker, who prefers twelve sugars in his tea. Hearing that, Cyril pours his tea into the sugar cup. Spurned, Cyril departs, turning down anymore rides from female motorists (Valerie St. John).