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The Handyman is the maintenance employee of a large estate located somewhere near London or Lower Tidmarsh. His real name isn't revealed, but he is married to a horrible nagging wife (Bob Todd) who treats him disrespectfully, often beating him up in the morning to get him out of bed and catching his hand in a mouse trap at the breakfast table. When he tries ignoring her with the newspaper, she pours his coffee down the middle of the paper. She also irons his ties while he's wearing them, and on occasion, he carelessly mistakes the hot iron for the phone and presses it to his ear.
The Handyman works for a wealthy old man (Jackie Wright) in town, sometimes painting or varnishing the exterior benches on the property or walking his employer's Afghan Hound, but the one joy of his job is flirting with the maids (Jenny Lee-Wright and Monica Ringwald). Unfortunately, his employer and the old man's manservant (Eddie Buchanan) are constantly catching him and hitting him with a small broom, sometimes chasing them all over the property.
Eventually, all the abuse comes to a head and the Handyman finds a way to fix the problems in his life. After buying his wife a dress and eliminating her, he gets the two maids to move in with him at home where they keep their romance a secret.


  • The Handyman was played by Benny Hill.
  • This sketch marks the return of Bob Todd after a two-episode absence. Although he appears in the following episode, he follows with an eight-episode absence until February 6, 1980 while under-going therapy for a drinking problem.
  • The girl in the bikini is possibly Jenny Westbrook in a blonde wig.
  • This is one of two sketches in the series to end on the dark tone of someone murdering his wife; the other is The Shadow from January 6, 1982.
  • This sketch was not included in the episode menu for the A&E DVD set.