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The Grover Family is the subject of the Clyde Jarrow documentary, "That Family." The family lives in Aldershot, England, and the film features Mother Grover (Benny Hill) trying to get her son, Tom (Henry McGee), to marry his live-in girlfriend (Cherri Gilham). She has three other children. She has one boy (Don Estelle) who wears a private school uniform, a daughter (Moira Foot) who walks around in her underwear and a son (Edgar Buchanan) who says nothing but carries around a birdcage. Her husband spends his time off-screen in the bathroom. Their apartment looks like a tenement, and they eat ham and mashed potatoes. While eating, Tom nearly eats her brillo pad. To get him to marry his girlfriend, Mother Grover produces the cake she made for him, and it crashes through the table, sending him running from into the neighborhood.


  • This sketch is a spoof of the 1975 British TV miniseries, "The Family," which was also a spoof of the US public TV miniseries, "An America Family."
  • Dave Brooks was credited for the theme used to open and close this parody.
  • The name for the family is hard to pinpoint, but as one viewer points out, it might be Groper, citing Benny's penchant for using that name for Willie Groper the March 13, 1974 "Match of the Week" sketch.
  • Benny does the toast disappearing into the newspaper gag, later recreated with Hill's Little Angels in Pepy's Diary.
  • Nearly eating a brillo pad is another recurring gag in the series.