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The Great White Hunter is an unnamed (likely British) gentleman who travels to Africa on a trip in order to see the wildlife. Not much more about him is known.
Moving through the jungle and blowing a pipe, he comes across a native (Duggie Small) also playing a pipe, but it actually turns out to be a blow pipe that fires poison darts. Shot and tranquilized, he is left alone as the native goes to get help to drag him into camp, but as he's left alone, a huge spider comes after him, and he must squeeze it to death in his hand.
Briefly left alone, the hunter also meets a sexy native girl (Lorraine Doyle), who removes the dart and sucks out the poison. He briefly loses her in the thick brush, only to encounter a gorilla (Jon Jon Keefe), but when she returns with a jungle leaf stuck in her leg, the hunter offers to remove it for her. However, when he asks if she wants any poison sucked out, she's not interested.
Back in camp, she sensuously invites him to her tent, but when the sound of the tribe alerts her, she hides him in a big metal pot. This is apparently what she has wanted all along as she calls her family home for dinner. Inside the pot, the hunter gets pelted by vegetables and oils, but when they head off to let him cook, he sticks his head out to blow out the fire and escape. As he flees, vegetables tumble out of his clothes and wardrobe, but in the jungle, he encounters an python and a tiger. Climbing a tree to escape it, he swings on a vine and crashes into a tree.
Trying to escape, he also encounters a crocodile at the lake, an elephant that sprays him and a charging elephant. After knocking down a hollow tree with a man and his wife (Johnny Hutch and possibly Anna Dawson) living in it, he flees to hide from them in another tree. Trying to swing to safety again, he gets hurled through the air only to come down inside the native's pot once again. Sticking his head out to see if its clear, he sees the sexy native girl licking her lips and rubbing her abdomen.


  • The Great White Hunter was played by Benny Hill.
  • Bob Todd plays the Chief. Henry McGee plays another tribe member, among them are Albert Moses, but the other tribe members can't be identified.
  • For the tiger, a fake tiger head was attached to a tiger-striped rug and used as a puppet. The other animals are puppets or stock footage.
  • Although much of the sketch was taped on a soundstage at Teddington Studio, a few area shots were filmed near Thorpe Park.
  • When Benny hits the tree, and his face is supposed to look flattened, it's kind of obvious he's pressing his face into a sheet of glass.
  • A giant rag doll is used to show Benny flying through the air.