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The Grass Is Greener is a TV talk show hosted by actress Andree Melly for interviewing up and coming new British stars, such as Merwyn Cruddy, a twenty-five year old chorus boy. In the interview, he reveals he started his career at 17 during a Knobbly Knees Contest on Barmouth, England. Disclosing that some of the contestants wore falsies (flesh-colored plastic kneecaps) often exposed by the judges, he joined the men's Liberation Movement afterward. His his career, he went on to have leads in theaters through Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham and was part of a Rat Pack with actors Edith Evans, Kathryn Harris and Robert Morley, often drinking at the Queen's Arms Tavern. He recalls a female producer that took him to meet beatniks and into a coven, thinking he was a virgin, and replacing him with one from Chelsea. He also describes his encounter with a "Lebanese" masochist before mentioning he was offered a part in "Old Calcutta."