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The Good Guys is an English TV-series based on the activities and exploits of the laid-back and unprofessional officers at the Dimton Abbott Police Station in Western England. Described as fearless and incorruptible, their exploits are hardly worthy of description, bordering on inept. Around the station, they typically sit around watching TV waiting for something to do. Their police batons double as umbrellas, and their First Aid Kit at the station has liquor in it. In addition to motorized scooters, they also have a mounted police force, supporting it by selling manure from the stables. Among their cases are identifying a local dog that ripped the seat off of the dog catcher (Derek Deadman).
The precinct lives in constant fear of their superior, Chief Inspector Randolph Ball (Bob Todd), who is abrasive and disagreeable, ready to fire the whole team on a whim. During a pop inspection, the captain (Henry McGee) sends his lieutenant (Benny Hill) to go get him from the train station. The ride to bring him back is unforgiving, and on arrival, he wants to enter through the back of the building to surprise the department, but the lieutenant parks close to the field where some digging has been done, and the captain falls into it, coming out with an even worse temper.
After chewing out the precinct and giving his orders, Ball wants to go to the hotel and get cleaned up, but along the way, they see the manager (Mike Mulloy?) of the Lake Mead Garage struggling with gangsters (Cyril Cross and Derek Deadman) trying to steal his cash register. They drive around back to catch the thieves by surprise, but since they don't have guns, the chief uses the long handle of a broom to catch one of them by surprise. Unfortunately, the lieutenant accidentally lets it slip they don't have guns, and the chief gets captured.
Watching the debacle on TV, the station races to help the lieutenant save the chief. They track the gangsters to their lair, but are stymied by the brick wall around it. Unable to get through a chained door, the lieutenant tries to lift an officer (Susie Waring) over it, but she accidentally kicks him in the crotch. He tries lifting another officer (Johnny Hutch) over, but the guy falls down into his pants. Exasperated, the lieutenant merely leans on the locked door, and it swings open.
Their lair discovered, the gangsters hang the chief out the window to call their demands for food. Fearful for his life, the chief acts rosy and friendly, promising promotions to his officers for his rescue. When he hears that the precinct will pay for the gangster's food, he suggests champagne and caviar to the list.
The lieutenant meanwhile sneaks into the building with another officer (Johnny Hutch) and uses two police helmets and a scarf to disguise himself as one of the gangster's girlfriends. Unfortunately, the ruse is foiled when one of the helmets used as his fake breasts falls off. He uses it to clock the gangster over the head and using the other to similarly knock out the other one. When he goes to untie the chief, the chief starts criticizing and insulting the precinct for allowing him to be captured and taking too much time to save him, even threatening the department with demotions in pay and rank. Rather than listen to him, he ties him back up and leaves him to the gangsters, leaving with the other officer and the gangster's girlfriends.