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The Golden Shoot is a British television game show whose contestants fire an arrow at a target for cash; it also allows viewers watching from home to compete for prizes. It is hosted by Bob Monkhouse (Benny Hill) and plagued by on-set bloopers. Their on-set phone ends up linking Bob to a recording giving the time and a stuttering guest from home (Nicholas Parsons) takes out a studio light and wins all electrical appliances he can't use because his home uses natural gas. Ann, the female assistant, Valerie Stanton mixes up the guest's names, bringing out one guest (Michael Sharvell Martin) as the other female assistant (Valerie St. John) brings out the other one (Nicholas Parsons). A microphone cord gets caught in Bob's legs as the first guest fires at a target, instead hitting the rear of a cartoon character getting into a bathtub. The second guest then tries shooting, accidentally hitting Ann before she can get out of the way. Other bloopers involve a photo mix-up that offends a phone-in contestant and a knife-throwing stunt with an imprecise target.


  • This sketch is based on "The Golden Shot" which ran on ITV from 1967 to 1975 hosed by comedian and TV personality Bob Monkhouse.
  • The clip features guests named Mrs. Stoney (replaced by the stutterer) and Mr. Yogel from Bristol (twice).
  • The off-camera assistant is named Barney. Nicholas Parsons is the announcer.