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The Gold Digger is an unidentified British female con-artist. Not much is known about her past or if she has had any previous husbands.
It seems she meets her potential husbands by chance. When she is interrupted during a phone call in a phone booth, she notices the manservant and limousine of her wealthy benefactor (Benny Hill). She pretends to faint, swooning several times to get him to catch her. The two of them then enter a courtship where she gets several expensive gifts. They eventually marry with the woman quickly pushing her husband to overeat, drink heavily and smoke heavily while pushing him to the boundaries of human endurance. She slips him Scotch instead of water, she has him take her dog for long walks, they engage in physical activities often and she makes huge meals for him with the manservant's help. She also has the manservant teach him tennis, keeping him physically exhausted. After a long tennis bout and an extra dose of scotch, her husband finally gives out and dies. It soon becomes obvious the manservant has been colluding with her the whole time and after they marry, he begins the same old regime on her.


  • The Gold Digger was played by Faye Hillier.
  • The mansion in the sketch is the Beach Mansion in Warring, England; it's possibly the same location in the Wonder-Gran meets Dracula sketch and (possibly) in The Birthday Party on February 8, 1989. All of the interior scenes probably occur in the mansion.
  • Ken Sedd and Johnny Vyvyan play violin players. They also play wedding guests (Vyvyan looks up the bride's dress on the wedding cake) and mourners at the funeral.
  • Linda Sands possibly plays the manservant's girlfriend. The identity of the actor playing the manservant is unrevealed, but he reappears as a priest in the Wonder-Gran and Dracula sketch.
  • This sketch possibly rates as among the most sinister sketches in Benny's repertoire.
  • This sketch is known as "Marriage of Convenience" in the A&E Box Set. It also went as "Marrying for Money" in the "Home Video Drive-In" segment of HBO Video's "Golden Classics" DVD collection and as "All for the Money" in Network Video's R.2 DVD "The Benny Hill Annual: 1979."