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The Fortune Teller with Henry McGee


The Fortune Teller is an elderly Gypsy woman who foretells the future through the divination arts and the use of a crystal ball. Based in an exotic locale, she can read the past or foretell the future with with startling yet brutal accuracy. In her position, she has:

  • predicted that a gentleman (Henry McGee) would meet and spend the night with a beautiful woman. Hearing he did that the previous night, she realizes her crystal ball is stuck in the past.
  • predicted that a gentleman (Henry McGee) would be attacked, murdered and carved up by a maniac. She then realizes she's reading the past of his pigskin gloves.
  • looked into the future of a woman (Anna Dawson) wanting to be married. She sees her in white at an altar but reveals she actually becomes a Druid.


  • The Fortune Teller was played by Bob Todd.
  • In New Age belief, crystal balls have no actual power. They are merely used as a lens for psychic individuals to channel their abilities into forming visions.