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The European Song Contest is a British televised musical contest from the Alfred Hall in London with musical acts from several countries. It is hosted by an unseen announcer (Michael Sharvell-Martin) and features a number of solo singers, conductors and performers, including:

  • Hugo Jeri (Italy) (Benny Hill with The Ladybirds)
  • Flora Loles and El Bumpo (Spain) singing "La Contesta" (Benny Hill in both roles)
  • Unidentified singer (England) singing Ting-a-Ling-a-Loo with conductor Jed Pacey (Benny Hill in both roles)
  • Merry Patong (France) singing with conductor Michel La Petit (Benny Hill in both roles)
  • Amonia Rodriguez (Portugal) singing "Primavera" with her back-up singers (Eira Heath, Benny and Miguel Lopez Cortezo)
  • Hans and Lotta Schtuk (Austria) with conductor Shawn Rose (Eira Heath and Benny in two roles)

The program is beset with a few on-set distractions as one of Miss Rodriguez's back-up singers competes with the other for her attention, and Hans Schtuk falls off stage. Hostess Katie Boylar (Benny Hill) appears to tally up the votes with the unreliable radio contact, obtaining the votes for each act, which each up totaling 16 equally for all of the acts.


  • The European Song Contest was based on actual European TV series which started in Switzerland on May 24, 1956 and eventually became the series, Eurovision, which ran from 1971 to 1994.
  • Benny plays six characters in the sketch.
  • Miguel Lopez Cortezo also did Benny's close-up guitar strumming as El Bumpo.
  • Benny would go on to make other talent show spoofs, such as Opportunity's Knocking and Newer Faces.