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The Drunk is an unidentified Englishman (possibly in or around London) who stumbles home late one night. He fumbles around to light a cigarette in an alley while hanging on to a balloon, and as he tries checking his watch, it pops and a lady screams at him the time which he takes kindly. Meanwhile, a police officer (Bob Todd) notices him looking around and warns him against relieving himself in the alley. The drunk seems taken aback and continues on his way.
Reaching home, the drunk stumbles over the cat outside the front door in which he catches his coat. He then takes off his shoes to sneak upstairs, dropping them one at a time and trying to collect them quietly before giving up entirely. Once upstairs, he starts changing to his pajamas, but his half-asleep wife (Jenny Lee-Wright) wakes and hears him meowing, passing him off as the family cat. Her inebriated husband then tries pulling his pajamas pants on over his head, thinking its the shirt, but by now his wife has woke and thinks he's just getting up from bed. She asks him to let her sleep until 9AM until she makes breakfast, leaving him to continue the excuse by getting ready for the day.


  • The Drunk was played by Benny Hill.
  • This character seems to be living in the same house as the husband from the Friday Night Fever sketch. If he's the same character, it looks like he has since divorced and re-married.