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The Carpenter Brothers are two Irishmen named Tennon and Mortice Carpenter who meet Henry McGee on a TV Series named "First Impressions," another take-off on Meeting People With Henry McGee.
The series seems to focus on the impressions of visitors to England in a discussion. The brothers talk about their first meal in the country, not being fond of British ale (calling it puerile) and Tennon's plans to join a British monastery in Winchester. Mortice mentions his brother is into studying bees However, as the dialogue continues, Henry tries and struggles to understand their thick Irish accents which leads to several misunderstandings. Mortice goes on to mentioning wanting a job like his uncle, and his visit to Leicester Square as the dialogue becomes even more confusing. Ironically, the brothers find Henry harder to understand than he is to them.


  • The brothers are played by Benny Hill and Jackie Wright.
  • Jackie Wright flubs a few of his lines in the sketch.
  • Russell Hardy and Nicholas Parsons are two well-known 70s British TV hosts mentioned in passing.