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The Butcher with a customer


The Butcher is an unidentified local meat grocer, most likely in Little Dimpton. It is indicated in conversation that he's only been on the job for a short time, but he has a good rapport with his low-wage customers. He helps out one old-timer (Johnny Hutch) on a "salary-controlled diet" and an older woman (Sue Upton) struggling on a pension.
Eventually, the Butcher is confronted by a haughty well-to-do lady (Anna Dawson) looking for a Norfolk turkey. Obviously, he's unfamiliar with the request and shows her three turkeys trying to pass each one off as a Norfolk turkey with her getting more frustrated and irked with each attempt. When he finally gives in and confronts her about it, she reveals she can tell by the bumps on its posterior. When she asks where he comes from, the butcher bends over and reveals his butt to her, offering her a chance to find out for herself.


  • The Butcher was played by Benny Hill.
  • The butcher's employer is probably the butcher played by Bob Todd from an earlier quickie tossing a fish to Derek Deadman.