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The Boutique is a romantic melodrama performed in mime and focused on the female clerk of a boutique decorated in masks. The clerk (Charmaine Seal) is visited by a male admirer (Benny Hill) who visits her with flowers, but she rejects him and stamps on his flowers. The admirer improves his looks with the mask of a dashing male figure from the shop, getting her devotion and attention in return, and scorning her in return for revenge. The act hurts her terribly, but as she goes to adjust her make-up, the powder causes her admirer to sneeze. He takes off his mask to complete it, but he accidentally picks up the mask of a young girl. Unaware of the change, he continues to try and woo her, but his advances only confuse and distress her. She flees for the protection of her father (Jackie Wright), who comes to investigate. He becomes entranced by the admirer in the female mask and pledges his love to "her," only to be dissuaded by a vase to his head. As the admirer picks up a mirror, he realizes by now he's been wearing the wrong mask. By now, another patron (Nicolas Parsons) has entered, and as the admirer muses over the confusion, the patron becomes enchanted by him and chases him from the boutique.


  • The French tune for this sketch is "La Violetera" by José Padilla, which was famously featured in the 1931 Charlie Chaplin film "City Lights." Some of Yakety Sax plays at the end.
  • This sketch was one of several early sketches included in The Best of Benny Hill.