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The Bill Stickers are two unidentified and incompetent billboard hangers who struggle and foul up a series of ads on a wall in England, possibly Teddington or London. The posters they're trying to hang are for the John Payne movie, "Who Stole Those 45s?" and Nancy Girdles, but the posters are mixed up and the actor gets the woman's body and the man gets the woman's body with some weird entendres. When their boss (Bob Todd) shows up to reveal the wrong ads, they end up covering it all up, again posting another segmented poster out of sequence to display insults and a sloppily hung obscene entendre. By now, a young police officer has arrived to pull off the paper covering up the "Bill Posters Will Be Prosecuted" sign.


  • The characters are played by Benny Hill and Jackie Wright.
  • Althought there is a real American actor named John Payne, the John Payne in the poster is likely an homage to iconic American actor John Wayne.
  • This is reportedly the first sketch to feature the patented Jackie Wright bald slap.
  • The police officer and passersby are unidentified, but two of the actresses might be Leslie Goldie and Rona Newton-John.