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The Bill Poster is a British poster hanger in either Lower Tidmarsh or Little Dimpton. His real name isn't revealed, but he captures the attention of ladies offended by the partial message of a four-part ad ("do you fancy a feel") meant to lead customers to a butcher named Harold Crow. To make his job even harder, the third section of the signage when read separately from the rest turns out to read like an insult (calling one of the ladies "an old crow"). As he's wrapping up, he sticks his long-handled brush under his arm, the tip striking a gentleman (Henry McGee) in the back, who throws up his hands thinking he's being held up. When two police ladies appear, one of them gets jabbed by the tip as well and turns around swatting an innocent by-stander (Eddie Buchanan), who she thinks touched her.
At another job, the Bill Poster installs a medical shingle for therapist E.Y. Toad (Jackie Wright). As the doctor comes out to inspect the work, he notices that "therapist" has been misspelled. The earlier by-stander arrives with two female officers (Libby Roberts and Teresa Lucas) and fixes his sign, later getting sprayed by the Bill Poster's soft drink from a can erupting all over him. The Bill Poster gets backed up to the sign for the butcher and steps on to a board supporting a bucket of plaster, causing it to fly up and land on the man's head. With the situation getting worse, the Bill Poster runs off getting chased by everyone on the street who he has annoyed into a nearby house and out of it.


  • The Bill Poster is played by Benny Hill.
  • Libby Roberts and Jane Eve possibly play the ladies. Teresa Lucas and Claire Lutter play the police ladies.
  • "The rapist" is repeated again in The Loser on January 7, 1981. Jackie also plays the doctor in the recreation.
  • The sketch looks like it might have been filmed inside of the wall of the old hospital where Benny and the cast rehearsed and filmed the sketches, but the exterior location might be the Foxhills Mansion featured in several later sketches.
  • This tag is possibly a remake of [[The Bill Stickers|a similar sketch}} from October 14, 1970.