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Tex Cymbal - Golden Boy


Episode: 24
Date: March 26, 1975
Time: 49:24
Musical Director:
Vocals: The Ladybirds
Producer: Ronald Fouracre
Director: Ronald Fouracre
Writer: Benny Hill




  • Dibbles Health Farm
  • The Stamp Collector
  • Tex Cymball: Golden Boy



  • The Stamp Collector - "Oh dear, the poor boy has jumped, and at a time like this! With the kitchen on fire and smoke everywhere, the whole place will be burned to a cinder. What shall I do? What shall I do!"
    Benny Hill - (hiding in armoire) "Save the furniture!"

  • Clyde Jarrow - "I keep pulling my bed away from the wall, but the bugs keep pulling it back!"


  • "A Host of Your Favorite Stars" features:
  • Jackie Wright doesn't appear in this episode; he is temporarily replaced by Don Estelle.
  • Except for the Lana and Ferforming Men bit, this episode doesn't start with a musical number. Eddie Buchanan does, however, later sing "Going Nowhere," and in the later Tex Cymbal sketch, Benny performs a few musical numbers.
  • Another quickie follows the opening cavalcade with Eddie Buchanan playing a husband angry at the milk man (Benny) he knows has been fooling around with his wife.
  • Benny visits Eddie after his song as Fred Scuttle pitching a group called "Arsenic and Old Lace" with Elton (Henry McGee, Kinky Dee (Stella Moray) and Little Donny Osment (Don Estelle). (Named loosely after 70s entertainers Elton John, Kiki Dee and Donny Osmond.)
  • The Dibbles Health Farm sketch is accompanied by Eddie Buchanan singing "There's Something About You I Like."
  • The Flue injections quickie features Benny as the doctor and Eddie, Henry, Don and Libby Roberts as his disgruntled patients.
  • The British Park sketch ("Professional Mem" in DVD selections) features Benny and Henry dueling over the attention of Cheryl Gilham. Debbie Greenhill and Jeannie Collings also briefly in the sketch along with Eddie Buchanan as a distracted driver stumbling from an accident.
  • The last quickies in the episode (before the last two sketch are two spoofs of the British game show, The Golden Shoot, which was hosted by comedian and TV personality Bob Monkhouse and ran from 1967 to 1975 on Thames Television (ITV). Benny also parodied the game show in 1970.
    • The third quickie features Don Estelle trying to describe a record he wants from a Spanish record shop owner (Benny Hill) who speaks no English.
  • This episode was actually postponed from it's original May 26, 1975 airdate when a technician's strike virtually blacked out the entire ITV network. The show was broadcast in September as "postponed from an earlier date."