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The Telephone Exchange Operator is an unidentified entrprenuer who sometime in 1880 developed a communication system of tubes that allowed his clients to talk to each other over long distances. Especially long distances require contacting other operators in the system. He also gives the time when necessary.
In the system, he communicates with his Vicar over a stolen umbrella (remembering where he left it later) and a local named Godfrey whose employer has a spare room for a golden euphonia. He also connects Mrs. Upturn to Plymouth, a long distance call, battling Arnold, the Plymouth operator along the way.
While working, the operator gets tea from his mother through the system with the milk often returning late. However, when one of his customers, Mrs. Bush, calls about her house being on fire, he improvises and patches her through to Mr. Downs whose house is getting flooded, sending his water to her house to put out the fire.
After linking Mrs. Ladyford and Mr. Potty, the operator has to relay medical advice from the doctor to Mr. Hardcastle, but in the process, he not only takes one sleeping pill but two. This happens just in time before Queen Victoria's birthday wishes, during which he falls asleep.


  • The Telephone Exchange Operator was played by Benny Hill. He possibly also covers the voice of Queen Victoria.
  • Queen Victoria's birthday was May 24, 1819.