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Ted at his wedding


Ted Tingley (AKA "The Reluctant Bridegroom") is a British groom (and potential gold-digger) who purposes to an unattractive heiress (Rita Webb) in order to get the money of her father (Jackie Wright). During the wedding, he starts having second thoughts about his scam, especially after realizing that he will have to go to bed with her on his wedding night. His reservations are briefly set aside after hearing her father coughing, but her appearance (which he compares to "an unmade bed") greatly distresses him. When the priest (Henry McGee) asks him to take his vow, he quickly bolts from the church, dives into his classic car and speeds away, briefly taking time for a beautiful sun bather (Sue Upton) down the road until he sees the giant boots sticking out from under her car.
Ted eventually has to stop at a gas station run by a mechanic (Ken Sedd) where he tries to hit on the female attendant (Jenny Westbrook), but she doesn't have time for him. Distracted by two hitch-hikers (Jenny Lee Wright and Sue Upton?), he drives after them dragging the fuel pump still connected to his car!
Somewhere down the line, his car overheats and he goes looking for water. He ends up at the house of Elsie (Jenny Lee-Wright), who claims she is wearing black on behalf of her dear departed husband. When Ted enquires a bit further, he learns he merely "departed" for work and she lures Ted inside for drinks. After flirting a bit with each other, Ted learns she married Bill Bailey the wrestler (Eddie Buchanan), but he's so much into his career, he doesn't care if she fools around on him. Elsie soon offers herself to Ted, but as he screams out in glee, he finds himself back at the church getting married. Dejectedly departing, he passes Elsie on the way out.